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White paper on needs and requirements of AAL and ICT solutions of informal LTC of elderly people


White paper on AAL systems and associated privacy issues

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BREATHE on BCC Radio Cumbria

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Dinsmore J., Comiskey C., Galligan K., Delaney S. (2014). Needs and Requirements of Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions for Informal Long Term Care of Older Persons, 15th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference (HIRC) & Student Colloquium Conference, Dublin, Ireland.


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Telehealth Pilot to help carers launched this week in Alston, Alston Moor Community Website, 9th July 2015


El gran hermano que cuida a los mayores (in Spanish) – Big brother caring for the elderly, El Levante Mercantil Valencianor, 1st November 2015


Un proyecto piloto permite a cuidadores vigilar a dependientes con cámaras (in Spanish) – A pilot project allows caregivers to monitor dependant people with cameras, La Vanguardia newspaper, Valencia Edition, 3rd November 2015


Sensores y cámaras para controlar la actividad de los mayores en sus casas (in Spanish) – Sensors and cameras to monitor activity of older people in their homes, Las Provincias newspaper (includes video), 14th November 2015


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Poster "Visual monitoring of people in private spaces. From the “Big Brother” to the “Good Brother”" presented at the AAL Forum 2015