EO-based enhancement and verification of LULUCF inventories for forest & biomass


The application of satellite-based information for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) National Inventory Reports related to forest and biomass



of various satellite data sources, detailed land use information, and atmospheric models on a cloud-based IT system, in accordance with UNFCCC reporting standards.


Data processing

of different existing and future satellite missions (e.g. ESA Biomass and NASA-ISRO NISAR both to be launched in the first quarter of 2024). Providing detailed information on Land Use and Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF).


Detailed information

Enabling the integration of data sources in
businesses and supporting the verification of reported data for governmental and international public institution, forest carbon trading, corporate sustainability reporting, and the voluntary carbon market.


Towards the 1st European operational EO-based prototype for GHG monitoring, reporting and verification of forest biomass

The vision of BREATHE is to simplify the data gathering process for the targeted markets, provide them with detailed and continuous information on forest area, forest status and biomass emissions, enable the integration of field independent (satellite) data source in their businesses and support the verification of their reported data.

Satellite-based information for National Inventory Reports related to forest land and biomass



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