Technical Summer
Meeting 3

The BREATHE Technical Meeting took place on the 21st of June in Innsbruck. This time, it was GeoVille hosting it’s Turkish partner Globetech and the three subcontractors, Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt UBA), SISTEMA and University of Vienna. This is the 3rd meeting that took place in-person since the beginning of the year, showing a close team collaboration, the engagement and enthusiasm of all stakeholders towards the achievement of the BREATHE project. The main focus of this technical meeting was the finalization of the methods and results for the Final Report of the 1st research year.

Technical Meeting 3 in Innsbruck, Austria

Technical Kick-Off
Meeting 2

Another successful BREATHE meeting in Ankara! The Technical Meeting 2 took place in Ankara, at Turkish partner GlobeTech’s premises on Hacettepe University campus. One of the main scopes of this meeting was achieved with the integration of satellite, in-situ and ancillary data into Globetech IT cloud platform. The first tangible results of forest disturbance mapping over two uses cases in Austria and Türkiye, including fire delineation in the Istanbul District are now available and promising.

Technical Meeting 2 in Ankara, Turkey

Technical Kick-Off

Successful and promising start of the BREATHE project, “Earth observation Based Enhancement and Verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories for Forest and Biomass, with the Technical Kick-off Meeting and 1st User Meeting, which took place end of January in Ankara, Turkey, on the campus of the renowned Hacettepe Ankara Technical University, a world-class research University, where Turkish partner GlobeTech has established its headquarters.

Technical Meeting and User Meeting 1 in Ankara, Turkey

& First User

A small group of 5 Austrian partners made the trip to Ankara, including 3 representative staff members from GeoVille, leader of the BREATHE Consortium: Nathalie Morin BREATHE project manager, Norman Kiesslich,
LULUCF advisor, and Dominic Hewitt, technical expert on biomass and forest disturbance mapping, Erwin Moldaschl from Umweltbundesamt Austrian Environment Agency (UBA), in charge of the GHG National Inventory Report (NIR), and Stefano Natali, CEO of industrial partner Sistema, expert on Above Ground Biomass mapping from Spaceborne

Official lunch with delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture, Turkish General Directorate of Forestry (OGM)

Our Turkish host, GlobeTech, a private company in GIS-based decision support solutions for Turkey’s leading institutions, were Yesim Kinikoglu, another female BREATHE project manager on the Turkish side – supporting UN Sustainable Goal 5 on Gender Equity -, Kagan Cintimur, CEO and cofounder of GlobeTech with software developers Volkan Caliskan – also BREATHE technical project manager – and Tolga Kaya, plus 3 additional new women staff members, all dedicated towards the achievement of the IT component and the forest wildfire case studies over Istanbul district and in the Antalya Mediterranean ecoregion.

The technical meeting was strengthened by the additional online participation of experts from GeoVille, TurkStat, as well as Pr. Yusuf Serengil, LULUCF scientific expert from Istanbul University and Pr. Andreas Stohl, from University of Vienna, international expert and developer of the FLEXPART Lagrangian particle dispersion models for inverse modeling and transport modelling of GHG emissions.

All formed the ingredients of a detonative cocktail in support to the EO-based method developments for quantifying CO2 emissions and removals from biomass changes, which stands out as one of the current major uncertainties in GHG monitoring.

The Turkish & Austrian BREATHE women project managers, promoting gender equality UN SDG 5

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